BigHat specialises purely in the online sales platform Magento. Our combined experience of over a decade in Magento development, allows us to complete any project with ease. For instance, that sales converting feature, a new design, an improvement or that idea you've had kicking around!

Our goal, is to help you grow your business. All development is heavily influenced by years of being a retail side developer. As a result, if we notice something that might improve the potential of your idea, we will be sure to mention it!

What's different about us and the next digital agency? Above all, we’ve done it ‘in-house’ with online retailers, we know the trials and tribulations e-commerce merchants go through. This is something our competitors witness only from the outside; passed third-hand information or no information at all.

We help out with your on-site SEO, making sure your Magento website has everything it needs to give you a top rate organic campaign. In addition, we can even help out with your offsite organic campaigns, driving these with authoritative and relevant link building.

We've partnered with the best Magento extension providers on the market, such as OneStepCheckout, whose sole goal is improving conversion rate and reducing abandonment.

Our clients trust us to not only look after their Magento website, but also host it for them as well. We have years of server management experience, optimising servers as well as code to improve the performance of your website. All Magento 2 websites we deliver includes our zero downtime deployment system, which ensures code releases do not interrupt your customers!

Contact us for anything Magento!

If you're looking for a team of experienced developers to push your business forward, this is what we do. Call us on 0333 335 0410 or leave us a message via our contact page.

Our office is located on the south coast of the United Kingdom, in the sunny Eastbourne.