Optimised Magento Hosting

We have had the opportunity to create and run multiple businesses technology architectures, which has given us some really rather useful skills in Magento optimised web hosting. Our server stacks will provide you with nothing less than the top of the range performance, at a price our competitors can only dream of. Our servers use the latest Xeon Quad/Hex/Octo-core processors, Enterprise Solid State Drives and 128GB memory as standard.

Some customers prefer using these machines as a virtual cloud hypervisor (otherwise known as the 'Cloud'), others prefer throwing maximum performance availability at all times. We use Bacula for our backups, which means we can do enterprise level backups up to the second for both your database and file systems ensuring data redundancy at all times.

All of our solutions include our zero-downtime deployment architecture as standard and will be built into your Magento web store. We will even train your in-house development staff in its use!