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We work with some of the best ecommerce designers in the country, and have years of marketing experience, how can we help?
Our bespoke Magento technology stack combined with top of the range hardware, offers truly breathtaking performance.
As a specialist Magento agency, we truly understand the various trials and tribulations merchants go through as they grow. Our development team is on hand 24/7; no matter the time of day, we are here to help.
We know how important your business is to you, needing around the clock care. That's why we offer a 24/7 support service to our clients.
Ecommerce is our bread and butter, multichannel sales, affiliate marketing, email remarketing and much more - we're well versed!
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Magento is a feature-rich ecommerce platform, designed for small to large scale enterprises. Crucially, it allows access to the 'backend' code, which powers the Magento ecosystem. This is particularly powerful for merchants who have bespoke business processes that require integration with the core application, which other leading ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, cannot cater for. BigHat Digital specialises in this platform, as it has helped us, help numerous clients on their ecommerce journey. With Magento's vast feature set at our disposal, we help our clients bring this to the forefront of their store to drive revenue growth.

Just some of our clients

"Having worked with the team at BigHat for years, it was only natural for us to continue to lean on them to look after and maintain our Magento websites."

Anthony Nelson - ArtRepublic

Free Magento MOT

Make sure your Magento site is running as it should with an absolutely free no-strings-attached Magento store health check. Using the various tools at our disposal, we will identify issues of your store which may cause conversion rate losses, performance degradations, security problems against a comprehensive checklist. Book now!

Magento MOT

Our in-depth health check looks at your stores performance from a multitude of different performance metric angles, we look for all the slowdowns on your store, and devise a strategy to attack these slowdowns and improve store wide performance. In addition, we identify crashes, search log files for problems amongst a plethora of other metrics we use for store health.

Amazon has shown for every second over 3 seconds load time of an ecommerce website, there is a 7% conversion rate reduction, directly harming your bottom line! Contact us now, and book in your health check!

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Free Consultancy

Purchase a site build from us and we’ll provide a day's free consultancy after completion to discuss improvements that can be made to your new ecommerce store after it has been live for 3 months. Be this development work, through to marketing and design, we have a wealth of tried-and-tested information to help your business take a leap. 

Free Consultancy

Having worked for ecommerce merchants, we have developed the features which led to the success of merchants. This experience has given us a grounding on how an ecommerce store's business should be developed, and what should be done in order to maximise on-site revenue.

We look through your store and spend the better part of a day advising what you could do next in order to improve your store's conversion rate, amongst a plethora of other tried-and-tested methods.

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