We specialise in the e-commerce platform Magento. This platform has helped countless merchants get their store idea onto the web. Through our development experience, working directly for e-commerce merchants, we have built a truly unique skill set.

Our combined experience of over a decade in development allows us to tackle all Magento related projects. Be that from the low level such as your warehouse management system, through to finance and onto Magento. Everything we do is aimed at maximising your store's conversion rate. Our experience will deliver fresh ideas and a fresh perspective, giving you and your business the nudge it needs.

BigHat's Magento hosting solutions, pieced together over many years tinkering with Magento getting the perfect server configuration, offer enormous concurrency. When paired with the best hardware available, the performance of these solutions is second to none.

For instance, one of our clients saw their homepage load time go from 3.5 seconds down to 0.54 seconds. This was a mixture of code and server-side improvements delivering this massive performance increase and is a service available to all of our clients.

Moreover, Amazon found that for every second a page load is delayed, there is a 7% loss in conversion rate. It really pays to make sure your e-commerce store is performing at its maximum.


Above all, the difference between us and the next digital agency is, we’ve done it ‘in-house’, within the confines of a merchant's office. We know the trials and tribulations e-commerce merchants go through.

In short, if you're looking for a team of experienced Magento developers to push your business forward, look no further than BigHat, this is what we do.

Call us on 0333 335 0410 or visit our contact us page and leave us a note. Alternatively, please use our live chat!